Community Docs


Work in Progress - 2021-10-17
Chainverse is the first Diamond DAO product. Chainverse will provide transparency into the key drivers of Web3 community health, including but not limited to engagement, growth, decentralization, general vibes, retention, conversion, and treasury management.

Community UI

Track high-level metrics to quickly understand community health & progress against community objectives.
Drill down on key member segments: empower future leaders, check in with less engaged members.

Investor UI

Discover emerging DAOs.
Evaluate DAOs on key engagement, growth, and commercial metrics.
Compare selected DAOs across selected metrics.
View alerts for selected DAOs or DAOs that meet user-defined criteria.

Member UI

View earnings, proposal history, and engagement history aggregated across all DAOs.
Earn token rewards for providing data about yourself (i.e. link Discord to wallet address) or about the DAOs you participate in.
View prototype here -​

Reference datasets

Diamond DAO will make the data backing Chainverse available to customers, ranging from asset managers to DAO discovery platforms. Our reference data includes...
  • Identifiers: Discord, Twitter, Associated Legal Entity
  • Descriptive attributes: DAO type, Network
  • Participation requirements: Barriers to membership & creating proposals
  • Analytic metrics: high-level engagement, growth, engagement, and member connectivity metrics