Community Docs

Contribution Areas

Research & Analytics

Diamond DAO will reward qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method research on Web3 communities.
By sponsoring research, Diamond DAO will be positioned to support, incubate, and ultimately help productize successful experiments.
Qualitative research examples
  • DAO member polling
  • Focus groups
  • User interviews
  • Literature reviews
Quantitative research examples
  • Analysis of the drivers and frequency of contentious votes for governance token lending markets
  • Use social network analysis & ML to identify community structures to create new DAOs
  • NFT drop simulator: generate "ruggability" score for new NFT collections based on early minting data
  • Proof of concepts exploring utility of emerging datasets (i.e. Ceramic, 3box, etc)

Application design & development

Diamond DAO will reward community members who help design and implement Diamond DAO products, beginning with Chainverse.


Diamond DAO will reward members who help design and implement Diamond DAO's tokenomics & community airdrop.

Partnerships & BD

Diamond DAO will reward members who identify and build relationships with potential customers & partners.


Successful bounty contributors can apply (through a DAO proposal) for a Diamond DAO Creator Residency.
Creator residencies will be no-strings attached grants to support our members in their creative endeavors: writing, podcasts, NFT art, etc -- as long as it in some way relates to exploring topics relevant to Web3 communities.


Diamond DAO will support community members who create internal resources (i.e. new member education, process documentation, technical documentation) or external resources (i.e. guides for learning Web3 data tools.)