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Diamond DAO 101

Diamond DAO, abridged.
Diamond DAO is a home for Web3 data nerds.
We exist to support any individual or project that seeks to enhance transparency in Web3.
While data is not a panacea, we believe that better data and thoughtful analysis will enhance transparency in Web3.
Open ledgers are a necessary but insufficient condition for transparency. And transparency is critical. It ensures quality of access, enhances accountability, drives efficiency, and informs better decision-making.
While everything that matters cannot be measured, and everything that is measured does not necessarily matter, transparency is critical first step; Diamond DAO exists to support any individual or project that seeks to enhance transparency in Web3.
We are working to ensure that everyone is welcome in Diamond DAO and can meaningfully contribute to our mission, regardless of technical experience, how "early" they were to Web3, or socioeconomic status.


Diamond DAO's first product is Chainverse. Chainverse is a data & analytics platform for understanding the health of Web3 communities.
Chainverse will synthesize on-chain (i.e. Etherscan) and off-chain (i.e. Discord, Discourse) data to provide visibility into decentralization, engagement, growth, treasury management, and atmosphere.
Community managers will use Chainverse to inform programs for increasing engagement, reducing churn, rewarding undervalued contributors, and identifying emerging leaders.
Community members will use Chainverse to evaluate contribution opportunities, inform their engagement in governance, and earn token rewards for providing data about themselves and the Web3 communities they participate in.
Investors will use Chainverse to identify, evaluate, and compare investment opportunities and supercharge the growth of their portfolio DAOs.

Community rewards

We will provide token rewards.
To become eligible and maximize your token rewards, consider...
  • Joining the Discord (and actively participating)
  • Participating on the forum
  • Completing bounties
  • Attending or hosting IRL events and issuing POAPs
  • Collecting & validating data through the Community Member UI


  1. 1.
    Join the Discord​
  2. 2.
    Poke around the forum​
  3. 3.
    Find a bounty on Clarity​
  4. 4.
    Join the Diamond DAO after successfully completing your bounty
  5. 5.
    Explore other opportunities -- creator/product residency, work at other DAOs, etc.